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With the blessing of its "Golden Era" Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olanrewaju Fagbohun, the Lagos State University (LASU) Quality Assurance Implementation Committee (QAIC) is pleased to offer internal training for staff of the University to strengthen capacity in critical areas needed to make LASU achieve its vision of being one of the top ten universities in Africa by 2021.  

To take advantage of this training, interested staff are requested to register for each module in the menu of online courses. There are only four prerequisites for admittance and success in the course:

  1. Time commitmentto taking the course (half-hearted participants with high chance of dropping out before the completion of a particular module are not welcome). Please note that the training is OPTIONAL. The system will automatically logout participants who default
    in submitting an assignment in due time.
  2. Possession of a device (preferably a laptop) for taking the course.
  3. Personally-sourced internet connectionfor at least two hours in the day/night devoted to taking the course.
  4. Completing all assignments and tasks within specified time limits.

Modules 2 to 6 are now running concurrently